Managed Security Service

Product overview:

  • 24/7 breach and alerting security services
  • Vulnerability assessments and threat detection services
  • Real-time compliance reporting for HIPAA and PCI


Level Service Monthly
Standard Security reports on request (5/month) and use of 24x7 Security Operations Team (SOC) $99 for 4 servers, $50 for each additional server
Premium Single-tenant log storage, unlimited vulnerability reports, 24x7 Security Operations Team (SOC), dedicated security dashboard $495 for 4 servers, $50 for each additional server

Use Cases

  • Enable multi-cloud security monitoring
    Customers that want to extend GoGrid’s Managed Security Service to multiple clouds, data centers, or even to their on-prem environment can easily do so. Employing a multi-cloud strategy simplifies operations and ensures you can manage workloads running in multiple locations or transition from one location to another. Our Managed Security Services is designed to monitor threats to servers across multiple service providers like AWS, Rackspace, and even your on-premise environment in addition to GoGrid.
  • Facilitate compliance with 24/7 breach & alerting service
    Our Managed Security Service features five essential security capabilities: asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, threat detection, behavioral monitoring, and security intelligence to facilitate your HIPAA or PCI compliance requirements.
  • Reduce operational costs
    By leveraging GoGrid’s infrastructure and resources via our Managed Security Service, you can free up vital financial and employee resources to focus on your core business.
  • Limit exposure to DDoS and other legitimate threats without the headache
    Instead of dedicating resources to continually monitor and analyze thousands of security alerts, rely on our Managed Security Service to be alerted via phone or email only when there is a legitimate security breach. Save time and money so you can focus on the tasks that add value to your business.


  • 24/7 breach and alerting security services
    GoGrid will monitor customers’ systems for unauthorized access, rootkit detection, log file monitoring, administration and user account modifications, and file system changes that may point to a server breach within minutes of that event occurring. Upon detection, GoGrid’s security monitoring specialists will notify your designated contact immediately via phone or email.
  • Vulnerability assessment
    Our service will auto-generate weekly reports that provide you with system vulnerability information based on CVSS-defined standards for determining the criticality of identified vulnerabilities.
  • Threat detection & prevention
    We will perform continuous network and host-based intrusion detection (IDS) that will identify attempts to exploit a software, port, or account vulnerability on a monitored machine.
  • Real-time compliance reporting
    Our auto-generated PCI or HIPAA compliance reports help you demonstrate to internal or external auditors that adequate security controls are in place to protect confidential or private data such as personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), or credit card holder data.

You can find additional features, information on data center availability, and FAQs on the GoGrid wiki.


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