Managed Monitoring Service

Take advantage of GoGrid’s 24/7 Technical Support team to configure server-level monitoring of your infrastructure.

  • Expert monitoring and response
  • Alerts are automatically investigated by GoGrid
  • Includes RAID monitoring, Ping monitoring, Port scanning, HTTP Get checks, and more


GoGrid’s Managed Monitoring Service lets you leverage GoGrid’s 24/7 Technical Support team to configure server-level monitoring and take action on all generated alerts. Cloud and Dedicated Servers can be monitored with ping, TCP port scanning, and HTTP GET from three global locations. All alerts are immediately treated as emergency cases and investigated by the Technical Support team.

Monitor Ping Port Scanning
(up to 5)
HTTP GET RAID Monitoring Monthly
(per IP)
Server Public IP Included Included Included Included $25

Use Cases

GoGrid’s Managed Monitoring Service is ideal for these use cases:

  • Free up resources from manual monitoring
    Organizations that lack the expertise or staff/financial resources to monitor, investigate, and resolve infrastructure alerts and issues can leverage our expertise in infrastructure management.
  • Determine the uptime of your infrastructure
    Instead of wondering what’s happening with your infrastructure or being surprised when a server goes down, rely on our Managed Monitoring Service to record and report on system uptime and only alert you to issues that require remediation.


  • Managed deployment & setup
    New and existing customers with a GoGrid account should contact their account representative to order the service. GoGrid will need to gather information on the infrastructure you want to place under management. A GoGrid deployment expert will then configure the monitoring parameters as requested.
  • Immediate response action triggers
    If an alert is triggered, GoGrid takes action if necessary will begin troubleshooting to quickly find a resolution to the issue. Cases are opened on your behalf so you have clear insight into issues and tracking of actions.
  • Supports standard monitoring options
    Many providers limit their managed monitoring service to a simple “Ping Test” to check the health of the environment. GoGrid goes a step further, offering more of the options you need. Monitoring options include Ping, TCP Port Scanning, and HTTP Get.
  • Supports Cloud Servers & Dedicated Servers
    Our monitoring service can be configured to support GoGrid Cloud Servers and GoGrid Dedicated Servers in addition to servers that have been collocated with us.


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