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Geographic Load Balancing

GoGrid helps organizations differentiate responses to DNS queries via our Geographic Load Balancing service, available with GoGrid’s Managed DNS running on industry leader VeriSign’s network.

  • Instant worldwide network
  • No commitment
  • Reliable performance


GoGrid’s Geographic Load Balancing service is billed on a monthly basis. There’s no commitment, and you only pay for what you use. Pricing is based on the number of queries generated through DNS, the number of domains added to the service, and the number of failover records configured.

DNS Pricing
Number of Queries Monthly
Up to 1 million Free
Up to 10 million $99
Up to 100 million $799
Each additional 100 million $799
Geographic Load Balancing and Failover Pricing

Geographic Load Balancing is charged for each domain you add to the service. Failover is charged for each failover record created. These services are independent of each other, but are often used together. You can only use these services if your domain is using GoGrid’s DNS.

Product Unit Monthly
Geographic Load Balancing Domain $79
Failover Failover Record $199

Use Cases

There are several situations in which Geographic Load Balancing and failover are beneficial:.

  • Optimized performance
    Geographic Load Balancing lets you direct the traffic for your websites to the servers or data centers closest to visitors based on their geographic location. This approach provides visitors with shorter load times because requests are routed to the closest server or data center. For example, a Spanish website visitor will be sent to the Ashburn data center rather than a data center located in San Francisco (see Sample Configurations).
  • Custom content
    Using Geographic Load Balancing, you can provide custom content to site visitors. In the example above, a San Francisco website visitor could receive content in English and a Spanish website visitor could receive content in Spanish.
  • Failover
    For an additional charge, you can add failover capabilities to Geographic Load Balancing. Doing so provides a mechanism for continuous availability in the case of a server or even data center failure. You can request a server as a “failover” server, for example, where the primary server responding to web traffic could be in a San Francisco data center and the failover server in the Ashburn data center. Should the server in San Francisco become unresponsive, the failover service will detect this event and automatically route traffic to the failover server.

Sample Configurations

Without Geographic Load Balancing, domains are tied to a single IP/geographic region. A website visitor from Spain, for example, would be directed to the server to which the domain is linked—in this case, the San Francisco data center.

With Geographic Load Balancing enabled, the system can detect the location of the web visitor and send the visitor to a data center closer to his/her geographic location. In this case, the Spanish web visitor will be sent to a server in Amsterdam even though the connection is to the same domain.


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