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DC-to-DC Connectivity (Cloud Link)

Cloud Link provides a secure direct connection between GoGrid’s data centers (DCs).

  • Reliable DC-to-DC network backbone
  • Simple pricing structure
  • Free 24x7 Support and strong SLAs


Purchase up to 1 Gbps of traffic on Cloud Link to ensure high-speed connectivity between data centers. Send as much traffic as you want through Cloud Link. Our simple pricing means you always know how much you pay for the service every month.

Cloud Link Bandwidth Monthly Annual
Basic 10 Mbps $99 $990
Advanced 100 Mbps $500 $5,000
Elite 1 Gbps $2,500 $25,000

Use Cases

Our customers use GoGrid when they need solutions that let them be more nimble and effective. With Cloud Link, you access network connectivity that lets you compete globally. Below are a few common situations in which you might use Cloud Link.

  • Database replication
    Cloud Link enables private network connectivity between GoGrid’s West Coast and East Coast data centers. This ability lets you easily replicate your database between data centers to ensure consistency and recoverability.
  • Online backups
    With Cloud Link enabled, you can transfer data to servers in another data center to protect against potential server and data center failure.
  • Globally distributed applications
    With Cloud Link, you can geographically distribute your compute clusters. That approach lets you create compute clusters in multiple data centers and connect them via a private connection.


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