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Data Transfer

Free private network data transfer between servers within a single data center plus free inbound data transfer to your servers.

  • Private network automation
  • Advanced DC-to-DC options
  • Simple billing


GoGrid customers pay for outbound transfer per GB and are billed monthly. The first 1 GB is free, and there is no charge for inbound data transfer.
Outbound Transfer Options Pricing
First 1 GB Free
2 GB – 1 TB $0.12 per GB
1 TB – 10 TB $0.11 per GB
10 TB – 50 TB $0.10 per GB
50 TB – 200 TB $0.09 per GB
More than 200 TB $0.08 per GB

Transfer Types

  • Inbound data transfer
    There is no charge for data transfer from the Internet to your network. All inbound data transfer is free.
  • Outbound data transfer
    Data transfer charges aren’t charged until you turn your Cloud Server on and send data over the public space, including your bandwidth used to log into the system remotely. If you’re using remote desktop to manage Windows or SSH for Linux, you’re being charged for that bandwidth leaving your server. When your system is offline, you aren’t paying for data transfer.
  • Private network transfer
    There is no cost associated with private network transfer—that is, data transfer between services with a given data center—on GoGrid.
  • DC-to-DC private network transfer
    If you need a private network connection between data centers (DCs), you can purchase Cloud Link. Cloud Link is a redundant private network connection between data centers, allowing for unmetered traffic between sites. Monthly pricing is based on bandwidth speed.


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