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Cloud Storage

GoGrid Cloud Storage is mountable network-attached storage (NAS) that provides instantly scalable and reliable file-level backup service for Windows and Linux Cloud Servers running in the GoGrid cloud.

  • Simple pricing plus 10 GB per month free
  • Easy-to-use web-based management console
  • Free 24x7 Support and strong SLAs


Billing for Cloud Storage begins after you exceed the initial free 10 GB storage quota. Each additional stored GB is charged monthly according to the tiers below.

Cloud Storage Pricing
1–10 GB Free
10 GB – 1 TB $0.12 per GB
1 TB – 50 TB $0.11 per GB
50 TB – 500 TB $0.10 per GB
500 TB – 1,000 TB $0.09 per GB
More than 1,000 TB $0.08 per GB

Included in the above pricing:

  • Free private network data transfer on your private VLAN within a single data center, so you can transfer files from Cloud Storage to a server at no charge.
  • Free 24x7 Support

Use Cases

Below are some typical Cloud Storage use cases.

  • Clustered application file sharing
    Many applications must run in a clustered configuration that provides for load balancing, fault tolerance, and horizontal scaling, yet need common/shared access to a file repository. An example of this use case is a mobile app service used by hundreds of thousands of mobile devices that connects to a balanced pool of application servers that all serve a common set of image or data files.
  • Log data storage & retention
    Application log data and/or syslog data can accumulate quickly on client machines whether they’re virtual or physical, so most administrators must implement a policy to manage that data. Many organizations also require log data management and retention policies to ensure security audit compliance, provide support for general informational analysis, and retain information for debugging. An example of this use case is a small eCommerce merchant that must transfer and retain syslog data pertaining to its credit card system processing.
  • File backup & retention
    Application or database servers that use local attached storage will always need a location for targeting local file system backups. Cloud Storage is intended to be used as the target location for backup services.
  • High-volume file output
    Applications designed for high efficiency and simple file-level unstructured data output can mount and use Cloud Storage as the repository for accumulating those output files and then making them available in bulk for re-retrieval and analysis. An example of this use case would be a web service that writes an individual log-event file for every call to the web service. This setup allows for efficient file output and makes the aggregate data subsequently available for analysis or for loading and analysis using map/reduce functionality.


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