Microgroove Expands Its Customer Base, Services and Music Platform Using GoGrid Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Microgroove Platform Now Hosts Over 100 Music Artist and Record Label Websites on GoGrid's Infrastructure and Will Be Presenting Its Success at Cloud Connect 2012 Expo

San Francisco, Calif. - February 14, 2012 - GoGrid, a leading cloud infrastructure company, today announced that Microgroove has deployed GoGrid Cloud services to help expand its customer base, offer more services, and focus on innovation rather than hardware. The Microgroove platform powers many of the world's most popular music websites; unlike traditional content management systems (CMSs), Microgroove's CMS is designed specifically to manage and deliver music & rich media. With GoGrid's hybrid services powering its infrastructure, Microgroove can now provide website hosting service to its music industry clients. Microgroove will be presenting its success using GoGrid at Cloud Connect 2012 Expo in Santa Clara, CA.

"With the help of GoGrid, we've expanded our service offering to include website hosting and management," said Brett Nagy, technical director for Microgroove. "Using GoGrid's hybrid infrastructure as our hosting environment, we're able to focus on growth and continually enhancing our services - without worrying about hardware."

For the first eight years of Microgroove's existence, customers had to host the company's platform themselves. More than 500 sites have been launched with customers choosing the self-hosting path, with some managing the solution at their own data centers and others using traditional hosting and co-location services. Today, Microgroove powers more than 100 music customer sites on GoGrid. Cloud servers connect site visitors to music and other content. Dedicated hardware powers the SQL-database and open source NoSQL-database portions of the Microgroove Platform. The GoGrid content delivery network (CDN) accelerates the delivery of media, including streaming content, to points of presence all over the world.

Prior to deploying GoGrid, Microgroove found it was too expensive and time-consuming to roll out an installation of the Microgroove Platform for just a few artists. After leveraging GoGrid as the infrastructure driving the Microgroove Platform, the company realized it could serve a broader customer base. Being able to work with - and host - more customers has increased the number of websites the Microgroove Platform delivers. Also, Microgroove has been able to maintain its focus on platform innovation and service.

"Now we can work with customers of virtually any size," explains Nagy. "Developing and adding one site, even a smaller site, is easy. GoGrid has allowed us to be far more nimble and agile, and this benefit helps us serve individual artists and managers, not just large record labels. As we've expanded our customer base, we haven't needed to add a single employee to administer sites. GoGrid is that reliable and easy to use."

"When technology pioneers like Microgroove make the decision to leverage the GoGrid platform, they want a cloud service that doesn't limit them," says Jeffrey Samuels, chief marketing officer at GoGrid. "We're proud to offer our customers flexible cloud solutions that support multiple, unique infrastructure architectures. In the case of Microgroove, the company can now combine SQL and open source database technology seamlessly. It's a big win for Microgroove and the customers they serve."

To learn more, read the full case study: http://go.gogrid.com/case-study/microgroove.

Microgroove to Present at Cloud Connect 2012

Microgroove will be presenting its GoGrid success story at the Cloud Connect 2012 Expo in Santa Clara, CA on Wednesday, February 15th at 1:15pm Pacific. Learn first-hand how Microgroove leveraged physical and virtual infrastructure components in creating a high-performance, cost-effective cloud environment for the music industry. The Cloud Connect Expo is the defining conference and expo for IT professionals, developers and cloud providers. GoGrid (booth #709) is a Platinum Sponsor at the event.

About Microgroove

Microgroove provides the planet's leading entertainment companies with software to power their online presence. With over 500 sites created on the Microgroove Platform, millions of users have conducted billions of data transactions. Microgroove's global clients and licensees rely on its unique enterprise development and hosting services. A creative engineering company at the core, privately held Microgroove offers tailored solutions to achieve their clients' business objectives. For more information, please visit www.microgroove.com.

PR publication date: 
Tuesday, February 14, 2012


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