GridDynamics and GoGrid Partner to Enable On-Demand Mission-Critical Applications in the Cloud

Appistry and GoGrid Announce Commercial Availability of Joint Cloud Computing Solution for Delivering Highly Scalable and Reliability

Fremont, CA and San Francisco, CA–April 14, 2009–Premier cloud computing infrastructure provider, GoGrid, a division of ServePath Dedicated Hosting, announced its partnership today with Grid Dynamics, Inc., a leading provider of scalable mission-critical solutions. The partnership addresses customers' demands for developing, migrating and running applications in the cloud in a secure environment.

The strategic partnership between GoGrid and Grid Dynamics brings solutions utilizing Grid Dynamics' industry best practices and GoGrid's hybrid model of dedicated servers and cloud servers. These customer focused offerings are for those companies who are looking to:

1) Eliminate capital expense and increase adoption of pay-per-use model 2) Ability to run applications that are hosted off-premise

"We have been very impressed with Grid Dynamics' reputation for innovation, and selected them as our strategic partner for application design & migration services," said John Keagy, CEO of GoGrid. "Customers who are looking to move their mission-critical applications in the cloud will greatly benefit from the combination of Grid Dynamics' expertise combined with GoGrid's market-leading cloud offerings and hosting infrastructure."

As cloud computing evolves, there is demand from customers to move applications to the cloud. There are very few best practices and experience available. Customers are looking for someone to guide them through this process. Grid Dynamics provides services making this transition easier.

"Our customers are facing enormous pressure to keep the business going, without adding significant costs" said Victoria Livschitz, CEO of Grid Dynamics. "Cloud computing holds a very compelling answer, but the adoption of the clouds for applications has been slow to take off. The reason can be boiled down to three things: concerns over security of data, immaturity of operational tools and lack of best practices. GoGrid's technology combined with Grid Dynamics' expertise enables customers to start moving their core applications to the cloud right now."

Pricing For pricing and additional information, please contact GoGrid at: sales@GoGrid.com . This solution can be purchased at Grid Dynamics also, please contact: info@griddynamics.com . Grid Dynamics offers fixed-price solutions.

About Grid Dynamics (http://www.griddynamics.com)

Grid Dynamics is the global leader in scaling mission-critical systems. We help customers deliver business systems that handle peak loads, scale on demand and always stay up. Using the latest advancements in grid and cloud computing, our customers turn monolithic applications into scalable services and static, underutilized server clusters into virtualized compute clouds. The results—better performance, higher availability, faster time-to-market and lower operational costs.

We are a full service consulting and engineering company covering strategy, architecture, design and development.

PR publication date: 
Tuesday, April 14, 2009


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