Advent of Mobile Devices Necessitating Tighter Security

As cloud computing grows more popular every year, new professions and methodologies surrounding the technology continue to spring up. What's startling to many industry experts is the amount of connectivity that is possible within the cloud, especially with the advent of mobile devices. Employees enjoy the privilege of working from home, and are turning to cloud hosting services to provide that luxury. 

Recommendations from a professional 

However, maintaining these avenues remains the chief concern of businesses relying on the cloud. Bill Kleyman, a contributor to InformationWeek, outlined a couple of practices that will ensure communication protection.

  • In regard to the network, it is best for companies to limit open ports and segment network traffic. Always use SSL - VPN, which secures transmittance of information between two endpoints.
  • Control endpoints for mobile devices. Virtual programs have been developed to deploy policies to selected mechanisms that give the administrator the ability to lock devices, send them messages and even trace their location.
  • Find a hosting company that can portion a business's SAN/NAS traffic and monitor it on a VLAN. 

Cohesion among officials

According to
MarketWatch, the Cloud Security Alliance signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Fast IDentity Online Alliance to promote the standardization of authentication in cloud computing. The news source stated that the collaboration was inspired by the prevalence of mobile device usage, acknowledging that setting stringent guidelines is an essential step toward advancing cloud security capabilities. 

Jim Reavis, CEO of the CSA, claimed that the last year has witnessed a changing cloud authentication platform because more cloud server providers are adding additional layers of protection. In response, the executive claimed that a standards-based approach is the most constructive solution. 

Mobile devices will continue to incite themselves into cloud environments as time progresses. Instead of restricting employees from harnessing the flexibility offered by these mechanisms, businesses should implement best practices and look for innovative methods to secure their environments. 

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