Security Innovations Present New Way to Protect Big Data

As discussions concerning Big Data become more prevalent, whether or not the massive amount of information collected from various sources is well protected is important. Administrators have their hands full in regards to volume management and organization without allaying security concerns. The fact that a business's competitor may be attempting to access, obtain, or corrupt its valued information has caused companies to invest in methods to maintain confidentiality.

In a report by Forbes Magazine, Davi Ottenheimer, senior director of trust for EMC, claimed that a wide variety of methods exist in protecting data that reach far beyond hardware firewalls. Accessibility is a necessity for company employees who wish to assess the data collected and figure out how to use it to the business's advantage. However, more open lines of communication means multiple entryways for those attempting to penetrate the cloud infrastructure.

Where's the solution?
According to Ottenheimer, the solution lies in the perceived problem. The analytics tools IT employees use to navigate through the data can also be used to monitor user behavior and identify abuse. In another report released by Baseline Magazine, some cloud hosting companies are collecting data originating from security tools and business transactions in an effort to develop real-time streaming analytics containing in-memory profiling. This approach gives IT providers the ability to collect raw information, peruse and organize it, and finally embed analytics into the data to detect abnormalities.

Baseline Magazine also detailed cloud-based security methods designed to hinder attacks. In January 2014, defense technology company Northrop Grumman began using a software-as-a-service (SaaS) program that implements user provisioning, which is designed to assist organizations in managing information about multiple cloud server users. The service also provides Grumman with subsequent steps into monitoring a user's access and activity.

Zaki Saleh, a business development director at Northrop Grumman, stated that different security loops exist for separate applications in the company's cloud infrastructure. He also claimed that the program the company uses can be deployed either on-premise or on a public cloud, giving it's customers the ability to access the state and federal health services it provides.

Accessing Big Data is one thing, but to understand it, companies need as many avenues streaming in and out of the data as possible. Although it may seem like a security nightmare from a distance, the tools for carefully monitoring and identifying the data are readily available within today's cloud environment.

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