IT Relevance May Rest on Cloud Computing's Shoulders

As companies embrace mobility, Big Data, and other technological trends, executives are seeking flexible and cost-effective cloud solutions to ensure all operations remain smooth and efficient, regardless of how they are completed. Business teams are particularly interested in the cloud's potential, largely because the services have moved beyond the IT realm and have introduced significant opportunities for a variety of departments throughout the enterprise.

Organizations today are often deploying cloud computing without the help of their IT teams. This trend was highlighted in a recent 2nd Watch survey of more than 100 IT operations professionals, which found that approximately 93 percent of business units are using cloud services, although nearly two-thirds of this group are procuring, deploying, and managing those solutions without input from IT.

"This survey demonstrates that enterprise business executives recognize the effectiveness of cloud services and aren't willing to wait for IT departments to create and deploy applications that can help them achieve their goals," said Matt Gerber, executives vice president of sales and marketing at 2nd Watch.

Gerber noted that IT departments will have to find innovative ways to provide colleagues with in-demand cloud services if their teams are to remain relevant in the coming years. Doing so may mean embracing platforms that can help harness and use the Big Data phenomenon.

The big cloud need
During the past few years, the demand for cloud computing has been steadily growing, especially as new technological trends emerge and force companies to see beyond the limited potential of legacy solutions. According to 2nd Watch, 63 percent of enterprises now put the need for the cloud between 4 and 5 on a scale from 1-5, suggesting that the solutions are moving into a critical position.

A Verizon report revealed that Big Data is one of and will continue to be among the biggest drivers for cloud computing use in the enterprise. Highly scalable and cost-effective cloud infrastructure services enable teams to gather and store large volumes of information as well as analyze those digital resources through the deployment of sophisticated analytic platforms.

Cloud computing is widely considered to be one of the most disruptive technologies to hit the business world in some time. IT departments that want to give their organizations the solutions they need to remain competitive and optimize performance will need to find innovative ways to deploy and support various uses of the cloud across teams.

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