Cloud Expected to Experience Major Disruptions in 2014

The cloud computing landscape is expected to continue transforming in 2014 as businesses around the world become more familiar with the hosted services and eliminate some of the mystery surrounding the technology. In the past, "cloud washing," which was classified as vendors polishing up old solutions and claiming them as "cloud" services, impacted how decision-makers felt toward the hosted landscape. In 2014, providers and executives will work together to develop more accurate and comprehensive definitions to reduce confusion.

A Help Net Security report highlighted this trend, which will help organizations pursue the cloud in more meaningful and effective ways. This demystification will occur through the development of integrated and properly designed cloud solutions that will be built in an effort to augment business operations.

Furthermore, enterprise executives won't necessarily be pinned down to implementing private or public cloud services separately. Due to recent innovations, companies now have the power to launch so-called hybrid cloud solutions that enable traditionally segregated cloud offerings to integrate and work together seamlessly. Help Net Security noted that the momentum behind hybrid cloud strategies will pick up speed in 2014, especially as firms seek new infrastructure technologies that make it easier to adopt next-generation operational trends.

A new cloud landscape
Although virtually all cloud services provide users with some benefits, hybrid offerings enable organizations to take advantage of the security of private solutions with the opportunity to expand into the public environment and use its highly scalable architecture. These capabilities have become especially important in the past several years as business operations have become more complex and the threat landscape has become more menacing.

Help Net Security noted that as cybercrime evolves, cloud security standards will advance to keep confidential assets safe. A separate Websense report highlighted similar concerns, revealing that analysts believe malicious outsiders will be more interested in cloud data than penetrating conventional networks. In 2014 and beyond, providers will continue to prioritize security and eliminate the possibility of unnecessary exposure.

In the coming years, cloud and other technologies will continue to evolve, encouraging decision-makers to pursue various cloud solutions to meet their specific needs and requirements. Businesses will need to be vigilant in 2014 because the new year always introduces unforeseen challenges. By planning ahead and watching the cloud market, organizations may gain a better chance for success.

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