Big Data Will Make a World of Difference for CMOs

Over the past few years, it has become increasingly clear that no matter the industry or the size of the company, certain individuals can leverage Big Data technology to give their operations a leg up over the competition and provide better services to clients. Using Big Data enables the emergence of patterns and other information that might not have been obvious when the data points were parceled out in smaller bundles.

That being said, recent information has suggested that the use of analytics can benefit some individuals in leadership roles more than others. For instance, gyro Senior Strategist Luke Bemis, writing for Forbes Magazine, pointed out that the use of Big Data is changing the responsibilities of chief marketing officers (CMOs) because they are increasingly being called on to understand complex technologies and data sets

Bemis noted that CMOs will be some of the only administrators who will be able to harness Big Data technology as times goes on.

"This is what makes Big Data high stakes. Moreover, this is what will separate the CMO of yesterday from the CMO of tomorrow," Bemis wrote.

In fact, a separate Forbes article explained that of all the requests a CMO might have in the office, Big Data is close to the top of the list because technology is increasingly being used to solve business problems. The magazine suggested that to continue to play a key role in the work place, CMOs will have to use analytics to take a more natural and consumer-centric approach to Big Data down the road. Doing so can result in more focused campaigns, targeted products and services, and continued success as the business cycle progresses.

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