The Truth about Cloud Data Protection

Businesses around the world are seeking the cloud with more drive than ever before. Decision-makers are now realizing that implementing cloud computing technologies can help their organizations experience greater levels of performance and security -- if cloud initiatives are planned and deployed properly.

A Logicalis report highlighted several steps to follow when building a cloud blueprint, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing data protection. Business executives who are pursuing the cloud need to consider their general IT and cloud budgets if they want to successfully embrace the hosted services without facing unnecessary complications.

"As customers move to a converged infrastructure, the options for data protection and disaster recovery services expand beyond the traditional models associated with component-based architectures," said Brandon Harris, vice president of HP solutions at Logicalis US. "One of the key options with converged infrastructure is utilization of the cloud as a means to protect and back up the environment."

Although cloud security was initially tarnished by misconceptions about the technology, organizations are quickly realizing that cloud infrastructure tools can actually be a major boon for data protection processes in general.

The cloud security advantage
Cloud computing services are often more resilient and secure than their premise-based counterparts, allowing companies of all sizes to pursue more complex IT initiatives without the concern of being overwhelmed with complicated challenges. At the same time, cloud-based disaster recovery solutions can give firms the ability to quickly restore operations in the wake of an emergency, which is a crucial capability in today's fast-paced and competitive business environment.

Microsoft echoed the benefits of implementing the cloud for security purposes, revealing that as many as 90 percent of smaller companies have actually experienced a number of security advantages after implementing the cloud. This finding indicates that there is a significant gap between concerns and reality regarding the data protection characteristics of a cloud infrastructure.

Logicalis noted that organizations can no longer simply hope that mission-critical assets will be safe in today's complex threat landscape. Instead, decision-makers must be proactive and seek solutions that will help their businesses prosper.

By planning ahead and building a customized cloud strategy, companies of all sizes can experience significant rewards regarding the resiliency and security around crucial data and applications. Doing so will give them a competitive advantage and the power to improve operations in the long run.

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