Real-Time Big Data Analytics Driven by Cloud Momentum

Innovation in the IT landscape has led to changes in the business world as a whole. In many cases, the proliferation of cloud infrastructure and applications has encouraged organizations to launch analytic tools that have the ability to convert data generated from performance monitoring into meaningful information that can be used to augment operations.

A Netuitive report highlighted this trend, noting that industry experts often say the use of the cloud is driving the demand for Big Data analytics. Yet, the movement to these sophisticated tools is not without complications. Many organizations have trouble extracting value from massive volumes of unstructured data because they are inexperienced with these processes and also because the information sets are scattered, siloed, or otherwise difficult to access.

Citing a Gartner report, Netuitive stated that advanced data analytics solutions give IT and business executives insight into application and operational performance. By using these services, organizations can optimize investment opportunities and understand the processes that must be implemented to support next-generation business strategies.

When Big Data analytics tools operate in real time, these capabilities are compounded to bring about even greater benefits, Netuitive noted.

Real-time functionality reigns supreme
Big Data is quickly becoming a top priority for companies around the world. According to a separate GigaSpaces survey of nearly 250 IT professionals, 80 percent of respondents said Big Data was important, and 43 percent said it was "mission-critical."

GigaSpaces also revealed that processing those resources quickly is becoming crucial. In fact, more than 70 percent of respondents said they try to assess streaming information, even when those assets come in high volumes, velocities, or both. This finding indicates that decision-makers are trying their best to leverage real-time analytics in an effort to convert useless data into meaningful insight as fast as possible to improve their ability to meet critical objectives and keep prospective and existing clients engaged.

As Big Data and cloud computing technologies continue to pick up momentum in the business world, executives need to ensure they have the tools and procedures in place to process large volumes of unstructured information in real time. Having this ability will allow organizations of all sizes to optimize performance and gain a competitive advantage over rival firms that have not prioritized the evaluation of data in real time.

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