Learning to Manage Big Data is Critical to Project Success

As companies accumulate massive volumes of unstructured data, they need to figure out a way to convert those otherwise meaningless information into useful insight that will enable executives to make better decisions in the future. Although Big Data projects are often sought after to improve customer satisfaction and retention, the initiatives can also be used to combat the increasingly complex threat landscape.

The Cloud Security Alliance recently released a report highlighting this opportunity, noting that organizations of all sizes can leverage information to strengthen their perimeter, implement sophisticated monitoring tools, and other data protection resources where they are needed most in the network. Meanwhile, acquiring real-time and even predictive insight into the virtual landscape can give decision-makers more information about where their risk management programs stand.

"The goal of Big Data analytics for security is to obtain actionable intelligence in real time," said Alvaro Cardenas, industry expert and lead author of the report. "Although Big Data analytics holds significant promise, there are a number of challenges that must be overcome to realize its true potential."

One of the biggest hurdles organizations face is the simple fact that they have never dealt with such volumes of information. The Big Data phenomenon will force organizations to rethink their strategies and establish more efficient ways to complete mission-critical tasks.

Bringing Big Data into the big picture
Although Big Data initiatives have been gaining momentum due to the constant production of new information, organizations are still having trouble managing the mountains of resources. According to a CompTIA report, more than three-quarters of organizations are more confident in their Big Data projects than they were last year.

"Data has always been important in the business world, but the Big Data trend has elevated its importance, pushing companies to be smarter in how they manage and use data," said Tim Herbert, vice president of research and market intelligence at CompTIA.

The majority of businesses recognize that they need to raise the workforce's technical skill level associated maintaining and analyzing massive amounts of information. Once organizations are more familiar and comfortable working with large quantities of digital resources, they can convert what used to be meaningless data sources into useful insights that can be translated into better security procedures and other critical functions.

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