Cloud evangelism picks up speed in mid-sized market

As the overall cloud computing market matures and disrupts a larger portion of the IT industry, business decision-makers are beginning to recognize its potential. Now that so many companies are using the cloud and are more familiar with the technology as a whole, executives are beginning to believe that the hosted services will represent the future of IT by introducing a new delivery model.

Medium-sized organizations in particular are making significant headway in the cloud market. This was recently highlighted in an Evolve IP study of more 1,000 cloud and IT decision-makers, which found that 70 percent of C-level respondents consider themselves "cloud believers," while 53 percent of IT managers feel the same. This suggests that cloud evangelism is picking up speed in the business world.

The new faith companies have in the cloud is translating into growing adoption rates, as the average medium-sized organization has 2.5 cloud services currently in play, though companies with believers have an average of 3.1.

"The survey data reflects what we see in our business every day," said Guy Fardone, general manager and chief operating officer of Evolve IP. "Most businesses already have at least one hosted service running but in some organizations not everyone is in complete alignment regarding putting multiple services in the cloud."

The study also revealed that 70 percent of cloud infrastructure users report being more scalable and flexible compared to the way they operated without the cloud. Meanwhile, roughly 60 percent of businesses using cloud services have improved their disaster recovery capabilities. This suggests that while the use of the cloud is diverse, organizations using the hosted services are experiencing the benefits they seek to stay competitive and efficient.

A separate Microsoft study highlighted similar findings, noting that small and medium-sized firms are experiencing significant performance and security improvements after implementing the cloud. These capabilities have reduced the gap between small organizations and large enterprises, allowing decision-makers with smaller budgets to stay competitive.

As the cloud market grows in the coming years, executives will become increasingly confident in their use of the hosted services, enabling them to pursue more innovative opportunities to get a leg up in their respective industry. By understanding how to properly implement the cloud and reap all of its rewards, executives can provide employees with the tools they need to complete mission-critical operations more efficiently.

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