Supporting all mobile connectivity to be crucial in coming years

The number of uses for cloud computing technologies continues to grow as decision-makers embrace new and innovative operational strategies. While there are many contributors to the increasing cloud market, the accelerating mobile initiative is among the most disruptive. After all, if organizations do not have a single network to connect to from anywhere, they will not be able to adopt bring your own device and other strategies.

Businesses around the world are using the cloud for its scalable qualities to support connectivity of more sophisticated applications from any type of device. A recent Gartner report highlighted this trend, noting that more than 60 percent of information workers will leverage content applications through mobile devices by 2015.

In the past, creating these content management applications were difficult for enterprises, said Whit Andrews, vice president and analyst at Gartner. However, the ongoing demand for mobile connectivity has forced the enterprise's hand to embrace new mentalities to support these solutions.

"The challenge is more than just mobility," Andrews continued. "It also concerns heterogeneity, as Gartner predicts that, by 2014, 90 percent of organizations will support corporate applications on a variety of personal devices, from conventional laptop PCs, media tablets and mobile phones to hybrid or other kinds of devices that have yet to be made widely available."

Using the cloud for agnosticism
While developing a plan that only supports certain types of mobile devices may be acceptable in today's business world, the same may not be said for tomorrow. To avoid unnecessary complications and potential costs, enterprises should embrace cloud solutions that are platform agnostic, according to a separate Symantec report. In doing so, decision-makers can give employees the ability to use whichever smartphones, tablets or other next-generation mobile device they are most comfortable with.

"Engaging mobile workers means encouraging them to use the devices they have chosen," Andrews asserted.

By planning ahead and implementing an advanced cloud infrastructure, executives can provide a unified platform to support numerous advanced applications that can be accessed anywhere on any device. This enables companies to embrace BYOD and support teleworking strategies - both of which will be critical to attracting and retaining employees in the coming years.

Because the cloud landscape is so diverse, however, it will be important that decision-makers work with a trusted provider and deploy the tools that best align with their specific long-term objectives.

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