IT leaders want cloud, legacy solutions to join forces

While enterprises are beginning to embrace cloud computing technologies more frequently, a large number of organizations are not necessarily willing to completely abandon their existing IT infrastructure. In fact, most CIOs want the cloud to integrate with their legacy tools in an effort to have the best of both worlds in an increasingly competitive business world.

A recent survey of 300 CIOs by NTT Europe found that many IT leaders believe their future will reside in the cloud, as 40 percent of respondents think using cloud technologies will enable them to truly unlock their full business potential. Meanwhile, approximately 49 percent of decision-makers think leveraging the cloud will bring them into new markets, introducing new expansion opportunities.

At the same time, however, IT executives don't want to throw away legacy solutions that still function well.

"The results show CIOs are looking for cloud solutions suitable for the 'real world,'" said Damian Skendrovic, vice president of cloud services at NTT Europe. "These solutions need to marry the old, existing, legacy systems with new applications. If CIOs are to organize their IT estates efficiently and to meet their cost and revenue objectives, getting this marriage right will be critical."

This means that decision-makers need to work with cloud service providers to overcome the complexities of converging two disparate environments.

Overcoming integration obstacles
The survey revealed that a large portion of decision-makers are simply bolting on cloud services to their existing IT solutions instead of embracing the cloud as a new business-oriented platform. This means that enterprises are not experiencing the full scalable and agile characteristics that define the cloud.

"Each business has its own complexities but their CIOs need clouds which can take that complexity and hide it behind the dashboard," Skendrovic asserted. "CIOs expect transparency in their systems and for the control to be taken by the provider."

A TechTarget report highlighted the importance of working with a provider and understanding the ins and outs of a cloud infrastructure before deploying it within the workplace. This collaboration with vendors will ensure that cloud-enabled solutions play well with other applications in the IT landscape, regardless if those tools are new or old.

As the cloud becomes the norm, planning ahead and understanding the necessity associated with integrating it with existing infrastructure services will be critical to its successful use.

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