The converging cloud-based unified communications market

Businesses are heavily reliant on communications technologies, though many organizations are not taking full advantage of the solutions available on the market. As organizations recognize the need to leverage multiple collaborative tools simultaneously, decision-makers are opting for unified communications systems. However, not many companies are placing these systems within cloud servers, which can make them much more efficient.

A recent ARN report highlighted how many enterprises are not taking full advantage of the products in the cloud computing and unified communications landscapes. As a result, customer service is suffering and organizations are struggling to keep clients engaged and coming back for transactions in the future.

If organizations cannot convert consumers into loyal customers, decision-makers will have difficulty asserting their dominance in today's increasingly connected world.

"While in the past these processes may have been expensive to set up, businesses can now implement these in a cost effective manner with minimal difficulty," unified communications consultant Craig Neil said, according to ARN. "And with customers getting used to more instantaneous and ongoing interactions with businesses, the bar has been raised for employee and customer expectations, and businesses who don't match these will be quickly left behind."

Cloud-driven unified communications
While unified communications itself is a relatively new technology, it's initial presence was only on-site models. As cloud computing services emerged, however, IT professionals recognized the potential advantages that are associated with migrating a unified communications platform off-site.

"Cloud technologies have been a game changer for the UC sector and the channels with which businesses can connect with customers has grown significantly as a result," Neil said, according to ARN.

A report by Transparency Market Research revealed that the global unified communications market is forecast to generate nearly $62 billion in revenue in 2018, representing a compound annual growth rate of more than 22 percent between 2012 and 2018. The proliferation of mobile and cloud technologies is accelerating this industry by giving enterprises and small organizations new opportunities to improve internal and external collaboration, while simultaneously opening up new doors in the customer service landscape.

As the overall communications and cloud landscapes mature, they will inevitably collide at one point or another. Forward-thinking decision-makers need to recognize this certainty and plan ahead, working with trusted service providers to map out a plan of attack. This approach to tomorrow's collaboration capabilities will give firms a competitive advantage.

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