Cloud data centers are considered inevitable

The introduction of cloud computing to the business world has changed how decision-makers view the data center. Rather than investing thousands of dollars every year on capital expenses to maintain outdated and inefficient hardware, organizations can transfer those funds into a consistent operational expense model, while simultaneously eliminating a large portion of the workload associated with managing an on-site data center.

A recent TechTarget report highlighted how migrating applications and other resources to the cloud will enable firms to decommission servers and eliminate the costs and maintenance requirements of managing large, traditional data centers. In many cases, holding onto traditional practices forces organizations to spend large amounts of money on facilities, such as backup generators and cooling devices.

"There's a lot of plumbing work involved with maintaining your own data center, whether it's racking hardware or patching applications, and frankly there's not a lot of value in that," said Scott Schemmel, vice president of global IT at the software vendor PGi, according to TechTarget.

Conversely, when organizations implement Software as a Service or embrace a cloud infrastructure, decision-makers are able to eliminate these back-end operations.

Tomorrow's smaller, more efficient data center
While migrating resources from an on-site data center to the cloud can save money, it can also give firms more opportunities to plan for the future. Now that mobility, social media and big data are becoming major projects in the enterprise, decision-makers should consider using the cloud to keep up with these innovations, as traditional servers may not be able to manage the workload, TechTarget noted.

Meanwhile, cloud environments can be much more secure than conventional data centers, largely because the hosted landscape doesn't require firms to maintain firewalls and other VPN software, according to TechTarget.

A separate InfoWorld by IT expert David Linthicum echoed the cloud impact on today's data center, highlighting the fact that executives who still believe the cloud is a fad may need an intervention so they can finally embrace the mindset they need to keep their companies on track in the future. Linthicum stated that the move to cloud environments will be steady and inevitable, forcing deniers to get on board or fall behind.

By understanding the benefits of transferring data center resources to the cloud, businesses of all sizes can take steps toward tomorrow's workplace that accesses mission-critical assets through the cloud, not a traditional, on-site data center.

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