The right approach to cloud governance

As the business world increases its use of cloud computing, organizations that are considering making the transition need to be alert and aware of the prospective change and how the adoption of hosted services will impact current operations. If companies are not prepared for the transition to the cloud, they will have trouble ensuring mission-critical resources are available, accessible and secure.

In many cases, building a strong governance strategy will make it easier for decision-makers to manage the cloud. This was highlighted in a recent report by ISACA, which noted that executives should be aware of several key factors when deploying a cloud infrastructure, as unreadiness can lead to significant problems.

To begin, firms need to recognize the cloud for what it really is: a unique opportunity.

"Board members need a clear understanding of cloud computing benefits and how to maximize them through effective governance practices," said Marc Vael, an ISACA board member. "This requires the board to see cloud computing not as an IT project, but rather as a business strategy."

Cloud governance must-haves
Having a plan for cloud computing projects means decision-makers have already valued the benefits and opportunity costs associated with the technology, ISACA noted. If businesses have not yet recognized the inherent advantages and operations they have to give up with the cloud, they are not prepared for the transition and should conduct more research.

Enterprises should also be sure that their use of the cloud aligns with long-term objectives, according to the news source. This is important in today's increasingly competitive landscape, as any unplanned detours or off-course initiatives will only make it more difficult for organizations to stay relevant and on pace with the rest of their respective industries.

A Computer Weekly report stated that executives should work on integrating business and IT through the use of next-generation applications. As the software landscape matures and evolves, this collaboration will become increasingly important for organizations to experience success in the coming years.

Computer Weekly also noted that an organization's use of the cloud means risk assessments need to have a broader range. As the cloud market continues to expand, businesses of all sizes and industries need to be sure they implement the proper governance strategies before investing wholeheartedly into the cloud, as failing to embrace the appropriate management approach will only invite trouble.

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