Keeping cloud connectivity in check

Software defined networking (SDN) is expected to have a major impact on critical infrastructure services in the business world, especially as the cloud and other advanced technologies continue making headway. Because so many decision-makers are concerned about how strong their connection is to the cloud, they should consider taking precautions to strengthen this relationship.

A recent Cloud Times report noted that focusing on how IT will impact ongoing operations, prioritizing network performance and augmenting capacity management can all improve cloud connectivity.

In the past, strengthening network performance was often approached by simply adding bandwidth to the connection, which would allow more data and complex applications to work efficiently. Unfortunately, this same mentality meant that many decision-makers saw the network as a cost center, encouraging them to take an apathetic strategy that would often cause long-term complications, Cloud Times noted.

Rather than embracing this narrow mindset, executives should consider using network software tools that prioritize access based on bandwidth, latency, security, cost and other metrics, according to the news source. This will inherently make cloud connections stronger, as it will reduce congestion and other problems that could impact performance.

Capacity management and overall IT
For the SDN and cloud environments to work efficiently, they need to be provided the necessary resources that allow them to do so. In the past, this process was often done manually, which demanded a lot of time and energy by the IT department, making any adjustments slow and sometimes inefficient.

In most cases, the scalable provisioning of assets is built into most cloud models, making it easier for decision-makers to manage how capacity issues are tackled, Cloud Times noted. But if executives do not take a flexible approach to this strategy, they will find that cloud connections are weaker.

Finally, decision-makers embracing SDN and the cloud need to consider how the hosted technologies will impact the future of the organization. In many cases, enterprises no longer believe that the cloud is simply an off-site data center meant to house complex data and applications. MarketsandMarkets stated that the cloud and SDN mentalities will become more common in the coming years, especially as the business world continues to adopt mobile strategies that provide a more flexible way to carry out mission-critical operations.

By prioritizing network performance and capacity, while keeping an eye on the future of technology, decision-makers can ensure their use of the cloud is not compromised by a poor connection.

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