Private cloud offers all the benefits without challenges

Despite the widely acknowledged benefits associated with using cloud computing services in the workplace, including the ability to reduce costs and augment operations, many decision-makers were initially turned away from the cloud because of its public nature. In recent years, however, enterprises have fallen back in love with the technology thanks to the emergence of the private cloud.

In most cases, organizations using the private cloud can experience the full benefits of the technology without encountering any significant problems, according to a Cloud Tech report. Security in particular has always been a concern with the cloud, though a private service that can be managed on-site means decision-makers and IT departments can have greater visibility into the environment and make adjustments to minimize risk.

Furthermore, private cloud offerings means only authorized individuals have access to the solutions hosted within the virtual landscape, Cloud Tech noted. This can help firms meet strict compliance requirements and keep mission-critical assets out of the hands of malicious individuals.

Private cloud benefits beyond security
Although there are a number of advantages to using the cloud, the ability to easily scale operations is among the most widely appreciated. Businesses don't need to jump all in at first glance thanks to this functionality. In fact, companies can migrate bits and pieces of their infrastructure to the cloud until executives feel comfortable with the technology, Cloud Tech said.

This slow transition to the cloud can be highly advantageous for a lot of organizations, as it gives decision-makers the time and resources needed to ensure all objectives are met in the cloud strategy. This strengthens a firm's ability to compete in the long run.

A report by IDC highlighted the growing use of the cloud in the workplace, noting that the hosted private cloud market is forecast to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 50 percent between 2012 and 2016, eventually generating more than $24 billion in revenue.

As the business world grows increasingly competitive, decision-makers will need to take steps to ensure their organization can stay competitive in the future. While the private cloud may not be a perfect fit for every company, it can be helpful to a large number of firms that are looking to experience the full benefits of the cloud without introducing unnecessary concern or risk.

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