Low-cost cloud infrastructures pick up speed

When public cloud computing first emerged, many decision-makers recognized the environment as a way to host a number of applications they didn't really care for, freeing up internal space. Today, businesses are recognizing the true underlying potential of using a cloud environment, as doing so makes applications available virtually anywhere at any time.

This was highlighted in a report by TechTarget that said many cloud service providers are lowering their prices, making the hosted technology more appealing as the macroeconomic crisis continues to impact corporate budgets and spending habits.

"Many of our clients think their internal costs are cheaper than cloud, but cloud is getting cheaper because Amazon [and its competitors] keep lowering prices,"said Dave Bartoletti, analyst at Forrester Research, according to TechTarget. "A lot of companies are analyzing their application portfolio to determine which [apps] will drive cloud economics."

Finding the right time to move to the cloud
Although the cloud is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace, sometimes making an all-out migration can impact operations if it is carried out at the wrong time. For this reason, many executives wait until their software refresh cycle, when IT directors assess whether revitalizing hardware and applications is more financially and operationally efficient in the cloud or on-site, TechTarget noted.

In many cases, executives are realizing that leveraging a cloud infrastructure is often less complicated and costly than managing a traditional in-house environment. This is largely because the cloud is elastic and flexible, enabling companies to conduct a wide range of operations in the hosted landscape without experiencing bottlenecks or other performance problems.

A separate report by SYS-CON Media highlighted how the private sector is demanding highly elastic infrastructure services, especially as the mobile landscape continues to take off and decision-makers are forced to give a wider range of individuals access to the same mission-critical resources. By implementing a cloud infrastructure, organizations can be more efficient and flexible than ever before.

As the private sector grows increasingly crowded and competitive, decision-makers will need to jump on the cloud bandwagon sooner rather than later to reduce the chances of falling behind and not being able to catch up. By planning ahead and working with a trusted service provider, executives can find the right cloud services that meet their unique requirements.

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