Cloud computing can enhance teleworking strategies

In today's highly mobile landscape, employees want the ability to work from anywhere at any time. This drives the need for teleworking technologies and strategies, which is where cloud computing can be a significant boon for companies that implement the tools wisely by aligning long-term goals with workforce potential.

A recent TechTarget report said working from home or on the road is virtually impossible today without using the cloud, especially as individuals demand the ability to access highly sophisticated software capable of performing complicated tasks without problems. The most popular reason firms are adopting the cloud to support remote workers is because the hosted technology means decision-makers do not need to manage any bulky hardware, reducing both cost and complexity.

In addition to eliminating the presence of heavy equipment, the cloud also virtualizes software and makes it accessible anywhere at any time - a critical requirement for the teleworker. Cloud communications is also gaining momentum, enabling individuals to use hosted VoIP, video conferencing and other tools to ensure in-house and remote workers can collaborate effectively, TechTarget noted.

The ongoing need for remote working capabilities
TechTarget said the ongoing proliferation of cloud infrastructure and mobile devices will continue to encourage individuals to work outside of the office whenever possible. This will ultimately change the private sector forever, though this progress has been a long time coming.

A separate report by Microsoft said supporting remote working habits is now imperative for organizations that want to remain competitive and appealing to tomorrow's workforce.

"Telework is no longer a company perk for employees but a business imperative," said Ron Markezich, corporate vice president of Microsoft's U.S. Enterprise and Partner Group. "Ten years ago, it was seen more as an employee benefit. Today, businesses around the world are seeing telework as a necessity."

Companies that support the ability to "work without walls" have the potential to experience a number of unique opportunities over firms that still require everyone to come into the office. This is because teleworkers can create their own schedule, allowing for a more productive and less interrupted day. Furthermore, remote employees are generally more satisfied with operations because they can establish a better work-life balance.

By incorporating the cloud into a teleworking strategy, decision-makers can leverage more effective management tools without jeopardizing the availability of mission-critical software and other resources.

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