Study: Personal cloud use drives corporate adoption

As individuals become more familiar with the cloud on a personal level, they will be more inclined to use the technology in the workplace, improving operations, productivity and cost-saving capabilities. This was highlighted in the recent 2013 State of the Cloud Report by technology products and services provider CDW.

The survey polled more than 1,200 IT professionals aware of their organizations' cloud projects and found that more than half of companies are currently migrating or planning to move specific applications or infrastructure to the cloud this year. In all, 39 percent of businesses are maintaining the cloud, up from 28 percent in 2011.

The study revealed that two-thirds of IT professionals said the use of cloud services in their personal lives has had a major influence on their decisions to implement the cloud at work, as roughly 68 percent of employees are now requesting the ability to use cloud offerings in the workplace. This ongoing transition in the office is presenting monumental business changes and introducing significant opportunities for cloud vendors to take action by providing companies of all sizes unique strategies for making use of the cloud.

The consumerization of cloud resources
The adoption of smartphones, tablets and other advanced mobile gadgets in the workplace during the last several years has significantly changed how mission-critical corporate tasks are carried out, as individuals can now complete business activities from virtually everywhere. This transformation has also driven companies to use the cloud more often in an effort to support mobile applications and services.

A report by Sand Hill Group highlighted similar findings, noting that mobility is a major driving force behind cloud computing momentum, as the two technologies complement one another.

"Organizations' adoption of cloud computing has steadily increased, which comes as no surprise given the growth of mobility and the consumerization of IT," said Stephen Braat, general manager of cloud solutions at CDW. "By aligning cloud services with critical applications and preferences of employees that use mobile devices, organizations can better capture business value that includes cost savings, increased efficiency, improved employee mobility and an increased ability to create innovative new products and services."

In the coming years, the cloud will eventually become the normal way business operations are carried out, as the technology can improve overall efficiency without introducing significant challenges or risks.

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