Big data buzz drives cloud demand

Throughout 2012, service providers made adjustments to their offerings to help companies of all sizes approach and adopt the cloud with fewer complications. Because the technology was a major buzzword for the year, executives also knew the benefits of using it and made more informed decisions about whether the hosted services were right for their organization. The year 2013 is poised to be another major year, especially since cloud infrastructure services are still early enough in the adoption process to support long-term growth expectations.

A recent report by TechRepublic highlighted that the ongoing uncertainty about economic growth as well as the advantages of not having to purchase upfront hardware will continue to drive firms of all sizes to the cloud in 2013 and beyond. However, big data is another more tangible trend that also encourages executives to implement cloud computing.

The big data bang
Although the cloud continues to be a major buzzword in the IT industry, big data seems to be everywhere. The prospect of accumulating, mining and using vast quantities of information to make better decisions, improve customer service and gain an advantage over rival firms is driving businesses of all sizes to implement a big data strategy.

Without cloud computing, however, big data would only be a dream for organizations, TechRepublic noted. The massive volumes of varied, high-velocity resources require organizations to use advanced solutions with extremely high computing power. Executives also need tools with capacity flexible enough to store and manage the mountains of digital assets.

A separate report by IDC forecast the big data market to expand at a compound annual growth rate of more than 31 percent to be worth nearly $24 billion in 2016. This expansion will largely be driven by the ongoing need to use advanced storage and analytics tools, most of which can be accessed through the cloud.

The continued development of big data will put an increasing amount of pressure on cloud vendors to give the private sector the necessary services needed to monitor, manage and use big data to its advantage. In 2013, decision-makers around the world will have an increased focus on big data projects to gain an advantage over firms that are still trying to assess the situation. By leveraging the cloud, everything on the IT executive's wish list can come true.

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