Cloud infrastructure, applications changing business operations

While many portions of the cloud industry are likely to experience significant growth in the coming year, the Infrastructure as a Service market, in particular, will expand rapidly. This is largely because decision-makers are gaining confidence in the cloud and are recognizing the technology's potential to boost performance and operations without dramatically impacting their company budgets.

The proliferation of cloud demands is driving service providers to expand their offerings, as many vendors now give organizations the ability to use a mix of services, solutions and support tools. This enables small firms and enterprises alike to meet their immediate network architecture demands through the deployment of virtualization, storage and other data center services.

A recent report by eWeek said the changing service provider landscape will continue to shape the cloud industry in 2013. The expanding IaaS market, for example, will continue to mature and eliminate many of the long-standing bottleneck issues that plagued firms in the past. For many years, organizations were forced to use a fixed number of solutions via limited bandwidth. The emergence of IaaS and other services has changed this forever, allowing decision-makers to adopt on-demand solutions and take advantage of the cloud's unique scalable qualities.

Evolving applications will reinvent the workplace
The maturing cloud computing landscape is providing organizations with anytime, anywhere access to next-generation solutions. Now that deploying the cloud is easier than ever, companies are no longer required to struggle with using antiquated applications, eWeek noted.

Another report by IDC said the cloud solutions market is forecast to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 24 percent through 2016 when it will generate more than $67 billion in revenue. In other words, analysts forecast that $1 will be spent on cloud applications for every $5 spent on software.

When executives are making the transition to the cloud, they need to keep service provider reputation in mind, eWeek noted, as only the most experienced vendors will be able to meet next-generation corporate goals. Although cloud computing is evolving rapidly and transforming the workplace into a more efficient and cost-effective environment, executives need to plan cloud deployments ahead of time to ensure mission-critical goals are met and employees can optimize their work day.

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