Using the cloud to secure BYOD

The consumerization of IT has introduced a number of monumental changes in the private sector, most notably driving the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend in the enterprise, which allows individuals to use personal smartphones and tablets for business tasks. While BYOD has been widely criticized for inviting security vulnerabilities into the corporate network, IT decision-makers are beginning to recognize they can alleviate these concerns when managing the gadgets via cloud computing services.

A recent report by TechTarget said executives need to develop robust BYOD strategies, as employees are likely already using personal gadgets in the workplace. By creating strong user policies and implementing access control technologies on the cloud hosting services, organizations can be sure only authorized individuals are viewing and using mission-critical resources.

TechTarget asserted that a healthy BYOD security program goes beyond the device and reaches into the network. The cloud can help reach these goals by automating deployment strategies, which reduce human error-related incidents, and launching cloud-based anti-malware services that scan and detect data before it even reaches the infrastructure.

Furthermore, cloud services are better equipped to mitigate threats, more agile to efficiently respond to incidents and easier to manage to meet compliance requirements, TechTarget noted.

A separate report by Gartner noted that approximately 90 percent of enterprises have already adopted some form of BYOD. Decision-makers should recognize the ongoing demand for mobility and create unique policies to mitigate risk. Cloud computing can be an efficient way to manage challenges introduced by the use of smartphones and tablets in the workplace and can help firms reduce costs in the process.

Because BYOD is virtually inevitable, executives need to map out their plans to mitigate concerns in the future.

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