Report: Cloud, mobile and big data drive IT industry

The ongoing migration of work-related operations to the 3rd Platform has inundated the IT landscape, convincing decision-makers around the world to leverage innovative technologies to remain competitive. While there are many technologies spurring this movement, the advent of cloud and mobile computing, along with the proliferation of big data analytics and social networking is driving the initiatives.

A recent report by IDC highlighted this development, noting that 2013 will be a major year for this 3rd Platform as advanced technologies evolve and the private sector becomes more competitive. This advancement will contribute to the expanding global IT spending market, which is forecast to grow 5.7 percent from 2012 to exceed $2.1 trillion next year.

"The IT industry as a whole is moving toward the mobile/social/cloud/big data world of the 3rd Platform much more quickly than many realize: from 2013 through 2020, these technologies will drive around 90 percent of all the growth in the IT market," said Frank Gens, senior vice president at IDC.

Gens said executives need to consider investing at least 80 percent of their time and resources on these growing solutions or risk being stuck in the legacy stage and surpassed by competitors.

Cloud everything
IDC noted that the explosion of cloud computing will be a major contributor to the growing IT industry, especially as more service providers make the technology the centerpiece of their offerings. The Platform as a Service cloud model, in particular, will garner significant attention in the coming years as companies look to develop open source-based infrastructure.

A separate report by Gartner also highlighted the growing cloud market, as analysts expect it to generate more than $109 billion in revenue in 2012 as several cloud models gather momentum.

"The total public cloud services market size in 2011 was $91.4 billion and it will grow to $206.6 billion in 2016. As the market grows, IaaS will become a larger part of the overall market, while the market share of cloud management and security services will grow as well," said Ed Anderson, research director at Gartner.

There is no longer any doubt that leveraging cloud services is necessary in today's workplace. If decision-makers wait too long to adopt the cloud, they will find their organization struggling to stay competitive with rival firms due to its inability to innovate.

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