Financial, self-service clouds to gain momentum next year, expert says

While cloud computing has garnered a significant amount of attention during the past several years, industry experts are curious as to where the market is headed in 2013. Theories regarding the cloud's direction are all over the board, with some hinting at the rise of the hybrid model while others focus more on the technology's general growth.

Adam Stern, CEO of Infinitely Virtual, said next year's cloud will likely be more open, able to be managed via self-service portals and be targeted toward financial departments.

"We see 2013 shaping up as perhaps the most promising since the advent of cloud hosting," said Stern. "We anticipate that these and other innovations will make the cloud an even more robust, secure and affordable computing environment and will foster even greater migration to virtualization, to the ultimate benefit of the businesses making the transition."

Stern said the "open cloud" concept will have a major impact on the industry, as new applications are created rapidly. However, this also means developers need to focus on interoperability so their solutions can collaborate with other services.

Self-service in the cloud will also gain momentum, especially as bring your own device becomes more commonly deployed and decision-makers take it to the next level by implementing their own applications and manage security themselves, Stern asserted.

Financial cloud in 2013
Stern noted that one of the biggest trends to occur next year will be the growing use of the cloud in financial organizations, which will be one of the fastest growing sectors in the cloud market.

A separate study by ORC International also highlighted the fact that cloud computing and mobility will be among the most important technologies for financial professionals in the coming years. In a study of more than 400 accounting professionals, 85 percent of large firms, 67 percent of medium-sized organizations and 46 percent of small accounting businesses are either using the cloud or planning to leverage hosted solutions within the next three years.

"In looking at innovations shaping the cloud hosting and computing environment for next year, I believe this will be the most exciting time in the history of the cloud model," Stern said. "Whether you're a medium-size business or an early stage startup, in 2013 you will be able to take advantage of new technology that gives you both greater control over your virtual environment and also more flexibility."

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