Companies look for help developing cloud strategies, study says

The cloud is quickly becoming a "go-to" solution for organizations looking to reduce the stress on their IT budget without jeopardizing a firm's ability to enhance operations. Since there are many cloud offerings to choose from, however, companies of all sizes are going in various directions, as some decision-makers adopt private cloud services, while others implement public or hybrid solutions.

A recent study of more than 320 enterprises by Infosys and IDC noted that the private cloud is currently the most commonly appreciated and deployed offering in the private sector, although the hybrid model is rapidly gaining momentum. Still, the increasing number of vendors and solutions available has made selecting a solution more challenging.

"We are seeing a definite uptick in interest to invest in cloud services across organizations," said David Tapper, vice president of IDC Outsourcing Services Research. "With multiple service providers and the complexity of hybrid cloud environments, it can be a challenge for most organizations to manage and control the various aspects of the ecosystem, while retaining the flexibility to choose best-in-class cloud services."

What are companies doing to adopt the cloud?
The survey revealed that 56 percent of respondents said they are collaborating or planning to engage with external service providers to develop robust cloud implementation strategies and roadmaps. Decision-makers said they are doing so because the cloud market is complex and full of situations many IT departments do not yet fully understand.

Still, these strategies vary across industries, as 53 percent of telecoms plan to deploy formalized cloud initiatives, while only 38 percent of financial services intend to do so.

"Everyone agrees that the cloud has become an integral part of a successful business. But how an organization goes about adopting it can be a challenge," said Vishnu Bhat, vice president and global head of cloud services at Infosys. "That's why a smart company needs a proven cloud ecosystem integrator as its navigator."

A separate report by IHS iSuppi noted that cloud storage, in particular, is gaining significant momentum in the United States, largely because of the virtual environment's scalable and cost-effective infrastructure.

As the cloud continues to be adopted, decision-makers need to consider speaking with vendors to develop intuitive and long-term adoption strategies to mitigate risk and complexities associated with leveraging the cloud. While not doing so will not necessarily spell disaster, it may make deploying the cloud more complicated.

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