Encryption is foundation of cloud security, expert says

When it comes to storing sensitive data and applications in the cloud, having the ability to trust the service provider is everything. Without this layer of assurance, cloud user confidence will waver and business decision-makers may choose to neglect the hosted environments. In doing so, both the vendor and company will be missing out on new opportunities.

Despite the ongoing hype surrounding cloud computing, security still seems to be the No. 1 issue regarding the virtual environments, according to a Computer Weekly report. While the negativity shrouding the cloud's benefits may be driven by paranoia, a number of analysts say deploying robust security practices and tools is the technology's top bugaboo.

"Security is still one of the things where, even if there are solutions in the market today - which there are - if you add cloud computing to the equation, they have to be done in a different, efficient way," said Udo Schneider, solutions architect at Trend Micro, according to the news source.

Unfortunately, the security tools designed to protect information stored in a cloud infrastructure are not the problem. Instead, the issue involves giving up control to a third-party provider that promises to keep sensitive assets protected, Schneider said.

The foundation of any safe cloud environment is protection, Schneider continued. Companies that implement robust encryption and proper key management strategies will be more likely to keep confidential resources safe.

A separate report by Network World said decision-makers also need to establish a method for locking down endpoints. This is especially important during the proliferation of bring your own device and other mobile strategies that introduce a number of new platforms to the corporate network.

By planning ahead and deploying efficient security tactics, companies of all sizes can enjoy the cloud without experiencing any security vulnerabilities.

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