SMBs like public SaaS clouds, study finds

As the private sector grows increasingly complex, small and medium-sized businesses are finding they are often fighting an uphill battle in an attempt to balance data center scalability with the budget. For this reason, among others, many SMBs are turning to cloud computing to achieve these goals more effectively.

This was highlighted in a recent report by Strategy Analytics.

"Many SMBs have moved nearly all of the applications that they can to public [Software as a Service] clouds," said Mark Levitt, director of business cloud strategies research at Strategy Analytics. "In the next 12-24 months, SMBs will explore how to move their remaining applications to run on public Infrastructure as a Service clouds."

While many enterprises enjoy the benefits of the private offerings, the study noted that SMBs are different in the fact that they prefer public cloud offerings. This is because the public cloud is often easier to use and manage, provides a simpler way to integrate existing solutions with the cloud and can be scalable enough to support long-term growth.

Similar to larger firms, many SMBs still have concerns regarding security in the cloud and whether mission-critical resources will truly remain safe in the hosted environment, Strategy Analytics reported.

How can SMBs improve their use of the cloud?
Since smaller companies often have fewer resources than their larger counterparts, decision-makers need to stay on their toes and be proactive in their efforts to enhance operations.

"To compete with larger competitors, SMBs recognize that they must tap the vast resources available in business clouds to act nimbly and quickly in response to business and market needs," said Andrew Brown, director of enterprise research at Strategy Analytics.

In order to ensure they can do so, SMB decision-makers need to plan ahead and establish their goals associated with using the cloud. While the cloud has garnered a lot of hype in the business landscape, executives need to take this with a grain of salt and focus on their specific demands, not the needs of the entire SMB sector.

By backing up mission-critical resources before they are migrated to the cloud and researching various cloud models and providers, decision-makers can be sure they use the right technologies at a reasonable price. This will enable them to remain competitive in the long run, which will be especially important as the economy continues to send mixed signals.

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