Study: Cost savings isn't the only cloud benefit

A recent TechTarget study of more than 1,500 IT professionals revealed that cloud adoption rates are on the rise, but not always for the same reason. Approximately 61 percent of survey respondents said they are currently using the cloud in some way within their business, while only 39 percent said they are not. Still, the cloud models chosen are not always the same.

TechTarget noted that roughly 40 percent of companies are using public cloud services, while roughly 30 percent have implemented the private cloud. The remaining 30 percent are using hybrid offerings, which combine the best of both worlds.

What's driving the increased adoption?
In today's tough economy, cost savings is usually among the top business priorities, though it is not the only one. The study confirmed that reducing IT expenses was at the top of the list, but also noted that leveraging public, private and hybrid cloud offerings for the technology's flexible qualities also made the cut.

TechTarget revealed that roughly 57 percent of public cloud users said the scalability of the cloud, which enables decision-makers to adjust IT resources to accommodate evolving business demands, was the most important characteristic. Approximately 53 percent and 58 percent of private and hybrid cloud users, respectively, said the same.

The hybrid cloud, in particular, gives companies the unique ability to maximize agility and flexibility by leveraging features from public and private offerings. For this reason, among others, it is becoming an important initiative for companies that want to remain competitive.

This was echoed in a separate report by Gartner, which cited hybrid cloud services as one of the top 10 strategic technology trends for 2013, as it allows firms of all sizes to essentially do more with less. Gartner noted the services that made the list are forecast to play an important role in the private sector in the next three years, as they will likely disrupt operations in a new way and help organizations keep pace with rival enterprises.

As businesses continue to expand at a fast pace, they need to leverage flexible and scalable virtual environments that provide employees and decision-makers with all the necessary tools without hindering bandwidth or tasks in any way. The cloud is a unique technology that provides these benefits to companies of all sizes, enabling a level playing field and more competitive private sector.

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