Cloud computing enables diverse advances

It is not uncommon, considering the focus of cloud marketing efforts, to see cloud computing  as a broad option for store, application and compute capabilities. However, cloud hosting can provide a diverse range of platform and infrastructure capabilities as well, making the technology relevant in a wide range of sectors, Wireless Week reported.

The news source explained that while cloud computing is becoming relevant in industries ranging from smart home services to telecommunications, not every stakeholder is capable of providing the underlying infrastructure necessary to support the cloud systems they want to offer their customers. Because of this, it is not uncommon for organizations offering cloud plans to turn to a cloud infrastructure vendor to obtain the resources they need to host their cloud options.

In response to this trend, many cloud infrastructure providers are working to go beyond simply offering compute and storage resources and working to build more intelligent platforms to host various infrastructure solutions, the report said.

Many experts agree that infrastructure services are gaining leverage in the cloud market. While most will note that application systems are more mature, multiple studies have shown that the market for infrastructure-based solutions is rising quickly.

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