Hosting services among vital considerations in private cloud plans

Defining the cloud is an incredibly difficult process, as there is so much diversity in the sector. However, a recent Forbes report explained that definitions for the private cloud are especially problematic, as some vendors market solutions as cloud plans when they are not really clouds.

The news source said that while it may be possible to establish internal private clouds, the way companies can ensure they are getting a true cloud solution is by establishing a cloud hosting strategy.

Industry expert Ken Ziegler told Forbes that some internal private cloud solutions are essentially just rebranded server, storage and other data center systems. Therefore, they are unable to provide the flexibility, scalability and fiscal benefits of a robust cloud infrastructure plan.

The key, when turning to the private cloud, is to take advantage of the gains offered by a hosting solution that is still able to provide many of the security benefits that come with deploying an internal solution, the report said.

In many cases, a hosted private cloud overcomes many of the architectural risks associated with the public cloud, providing the security and reliability needed for mission-critical applications and services.

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