Report: Cloud will continue to disrupt businesses in coming years

After being available for the past five years, the true business benefits of using cloud computing services are beginning to come to light. As decision-makers gain confidence in the technology, more companies are leveraging the solutions to enhance operations, improve mobility and reduce overall IT expenses.

A new report by IDC confirmed that the cloud is no longer being used to gain a competitive advantage but will eventually become the norm as the technology evolves during the coming years. This trend is already taking place, as this year's cloud market is much more beneficial than last year's.

"In 2011, 'the cloud' was seen as a very useful way to cost-effectively replace aging or augment existing IT infrastructure," said Chris Morris, associate vice president for Asia/Pacific cloud services and computing at IDC. "But in 2012, 'the cloud' has taken on an additional function as a marketplace for the sourcing of enterprise IT and business services by both IT and [line of business] managers."

IDC analysts believe that roughly 30 percent of the cloud service providers in the market today will be nonexistent in 2015. While there are many reasons for this, the primary cause is that the industry is still relatively young and, as a result, many vendors are entering and leaving the playing field, allowing certain companies to become more dominant.

Just because vendors are leaving doesn't mean the industry itself will suffer. In fact, a separate report by MarketsandMarkets forecast the cloud market will expand at a compound annual growth rate of more than 26 percent through 2015, eventually generating more than $121 billion in revenue. This increase will be driven by multiple factors, including the ongoing adoption of public cloud storage environments.

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