Personal cloud services adoption rises

As the cloud continues to disrupt the world of information technology, there is no longer any doubt that it has brought about significant transformations in how people live their lives. Consumers, in particular, are highly entranced by cloud computing's ability to make day-to-day tasks more convenient, as they can now be done via next-generation mobile gadgets from virtually anywhere. These benefits have introduced the rise of the personal cloud.

A new study by Forrester Consulting revealed that approximately two-thirds of U.S. adults are using at least one form of personal cloud solutions for a wide variety of reasons. File access, sync and share services, in particular, are growing extremely fast, expanding from 9 percent adoption in 2010 to 15 percent in 2012. The research revealed, however, that adoption surpassed the 10 percent landmark in early 2011, suggesting it has recently experienced rapid growth.

The report also noted that the proliferation of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, is a key driver behind increased deployment of personal cloud services. Fifty-eight percent of cloud users with smartphones, for example, access cloud solutions daily or even hourly.

"Personal cloud services are transforming personal computing, as U.S. individuals move to store their files on online services accessible from any device, rather than fiddle with files to get them on the right PC or mobile device of the moment," Forrester Consulting said.

The personal cloud has a major influence on the work environment

Forrester Consulting reported that U.S. adults are blending their work and personal technologies more often because of the advent of the personal cloud. In fact, nearly half of personal cloud computing services are used for both work and play.

"The growth of a rich personal computing ecosystem of PCs, mobile devices, internet-connected appliances and a myriad of online services is spurring this transformation of personal computing into a personal cloud services ecosystem," Forrester Consulting said.

A separate study by InformationWeek Reports noted that the cloud is still in its adolescent stage and needs to mature more to reach mainstream adoption. As public and private cloud offerings become more widely appreciated, more consumers and business owners will implement the tools to make life more convenient and mobile, keeping pace with ongoing trends to support remote access to sensitive solutions and teleworking.

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