Hastily jumping in the cloud is a bad idea

Cloud computing is rapidly becoming a central part of the enterprise and with its adoption, business managers need to reevaluate their decision-making process. In the past, IT organizations would focus more on the technology aspect of new deployments instead of how the tools would be used throughout the company. This cannot be the case anymore, as doing so will only lead cloud implementations down a doomed path, according to an InfoWorld report by IT expert David Linthicum.

Naively chasing the currently hyped technology without planning its deployment will only cause headache and failed attempts to improve operational tendencies - the exact opposite of their potential, Linthicum asserted. The problem does not lie with the technology but with the IT members who impulsively succumb to the fantasy of experiencing immediate improvements through the deployment of cloud solutions.

The private cloud, in particular, needs to be planned ahead of time, as failing to do so will likely make the virtual environments less scalable and flexible, CIO said in another report. Since the private cloud is hosted on-site, IT departments need to ensure the structures are protected from inside and outside threats, are highly reliable and capable of supporting tools needed in the enterprise.

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