Mobile cloud computing market to exceed $11 billion by 2018, analyst firm says

A new report by Global Industry Analysts forecast the enterprise mobile cloud computing market to generate more than $11 billion in revenue by 2018. Spending on these services will be driven by the growing mobile workforce trend and the adoption of several cloud-based applications that promote mobility.

The cloud often has the ability to give enterprises a competitive advantage over rival firms by providing employees and decision-makers with high-quality solutions and services that can be accessed from virtually anywhere. By leveraging the cloud, enterprises can increase agility, flexibility and scalability, which is especially important as the mobile landscape continues to grow and disrupt traditional business operations, GIA noted.

As employees continue to demand the ability to work outside the office, organizations will need to leverage technologies capable of supporting remote working opportunities. By using mobile cloud computing, individuals will be able to access specially designed applications capable of running on personal smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices through corporate cloud environments anytime, anywhere. The growth of mobile cloud computing will also be driven by the evolution of wireless networks, the advent of big data, the progression of mobile technologies and the proliferation of virtualization and service-oriented architectures, according to GIA.

Similar findings were reported in a study by ABI Research.

"The longer-term opportunity is in mobile devices accessing IT services from the cloud and paying for access on a per-use basis," ABI Research practice director Dan Shey said. "With the economics of cloud services expanding IT services access to the SMB market and more cellular connected devices in the market for business customers, enterprise mobile cloud computing services will experience tremendous growth … and become more than just 'water vapor.'"

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