Cloud is revolutionizing IT, expert says

The proliferation of the cloud is changing the way businesses operate, giving them the unique ability to leverage cost-effective solutions from virtually anywhere via a shared platform. Traditionally, companies were forced to purchase software and install applications on a computer if they wanted to get any computing tasks done. The introduction of the cloud, however, changed all that.

In a recent interview with Smart Business Network Online, Comcast business services vice president Mike Maloney said the cloud is revolutionizing IT.

"Cloud computing is a new way of delivering resources, not a new technology," Maloney told SBN Online. "And the timing for cloud computing to reach critical mass couldn't come at a better point."

When considering migrating to the cloud, decision-makers and IT executives need to consider multiple factors, as vendors will offer varying services and cloud models that may or may not be applicable to a certain organization, the news source said.

What to look for in cloud computing

Reliability is an important aspect of the cloud, as downtime and outages can potentially prevent employees or customers from accessing mission-critical applications and data. If individuals cannot reach important resources stored in the cloud, the technology will diminish productivity rather than boosting it, SBN Online noted.

Cloud computing environments also need to be scalable, letting companies add or remove applications, user and data without damaging connectivity or speed, SBN Online said. This is especially important for organizations leveraging cloud storage tools.

A separate study by TwinStrata noted that storage is implemented more often than any other cloud strategy, including Software as a Service. Roughly 40 percent of survey respondents said they implemented the initiatives to enhance data protection, while 37 percent said it was to have easier access to backup and archived resources.

Cost savings remain important for organizations

Regardless of whether an organization is small or large, the cloud offers significant cost-reducing capabilities, as companies leveraging the hosted service can cut maintenance and labor costs substantially by requiring the service provider to take care of management. The cloud also uses a pay-as-you-go pricing model, which only forces businesses to pay for the resources they use instead of large upfront fees.

"In today's belt-tightening climate, this new economic model for computing is enabling companies to accomplish more with less and the move to cloud-based computing marks a historic point in the evolution of business," Maloney said, according to SBN Online.

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