Public sector to slowly follow cloud, big data trends, analyst says

The cloud was all the rage several years ago and continues to disrupt the private sector in a number of ways by enhancing collaboration and boosting efficiency. While they are still leveraging the cloud, companies are beginning to shift their attention to big data, or the accumulation of large volumes of information on customers, according to a Washington Post report by Deltek principal analyst Alex Rossino.

The federal government, on the other hand, has been slow to adopt the cloud, which will contribute to limited utilization of big data, Rossino said.

A separate report by KPMG revealed only 12 percent of government executives said that more than 10 percent of their agency's IT budget was allocated to the cloud last year. While this number is forecast to jump to 28 percent in 2012, it is still significantly lower than the cloud adoption rate in the private sector.

"Government agencies are often privy to some of the most sensitive data available and - as a result - are a frequent target of hackers," KPMG global chair of government and infrastructure John Herhalt said. "Government IT leaders will need to ensure that their cloud service providers can provide robust security protocols and protection before placing key services and data onto cloud-based platforms."

The sensitivity of this information increases as social media, mobility and other resources become more widely available and utilized, giving organizations unique insight into the consumer lifestyle.

Deltek analysts believe big data won't have a major impact on the private sector until 2015 to 2017 when cloud computing has made a significant dent in operations. Until then, the adoption will consist of several trends, with some agencies leveraging different types of cloud environments, while others wait until more is known about the technology.

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