Cloud monitoring is important to minimize helplessness during outages

While cloud adoption has steadily been increasing over the past several years, recent storms on the east coast have shaken some confidence in the cloud's reliability after Amazon.com's well-publicized disruption. This doesn't necessarily mean that all clouds are virtually inaccessible during inclemate weather but rather cloud computing vendors need to work on communication with partners when there is a chance of an outage happening, according to a Wall Street Journal blog post.

In traditional premise-based infrastructures, IT departments were able to pick up disruptions and potentially resolve the problem before end-users even knew what was happening. This is not the case with the cloud, as the off-site hosted environments don't give CIOs the same control as they had in the past, the news source said.

"Outages happen to all businesses and I think cloud providers have the expertise, skills and investment to minimize the problems," cloud analyst Phil Wainewright said, according to the Journal.

By implementing innovative public and private cloud monitoring tools and enhancing collaboration with vendors, decision-makers can ensure that resolving outages can take less time, allowing employees to get back to work sooner, limiting an organization's helplessness.

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