Businesses still confused about cloud computing

While there are many decision-makers that are still unsure about what the cloud is, companies appear to be adopting the technology anyway. According to a survey by O2, around 45 percent of businesses are slightly confused by the term cloud, yet more than 20 percent of organizations have already migrated applications and data to hosted environments.

"Business owners remain generally confused about cloud computing, yet they are adopting cloud services because of the clear benefits they offer," Telefonica Ireland business director Alan Brown said, according to Silicon Republic.

The survey found that the No. 1 benefit of the technology is enhanced accessibility of solutions and information placed within the cloud. Ten percent of respondents said cost savings was an advantage of the cloud, while another 10 percent said cloud storage was important.

There are still some inhibitors, however, including a general lack of understanding, O2 noted.

Still, as more businesses adopt the cloud, rival firms will be forced to migrate to stay competitive. As a result, the cloud market will expand, eventually approaching $150 billion in revenue by 2014, according to a report by Gartner.

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