Successful cloud deployments done in phases

Developing a cloud computing strategy is key to a successful deployment of the technology. Unfortunately, many IT departments simply improvise and hope for the best. According to an InfoWorld report by IT expert David Linthicum, this ad-lib approach can lead to unforeseen challenges and expenses caused from having to retrofit systems to meet demand.

Decision-makers need to define a core group of requirements the cloud must meet. In other words, if businesses want improved security, agility or governance, IT leaders need to understand how they plan to meet these demands, Linthicum asserted. This will most likely be completed through the development of the service-level agreement with the vendor.

Additionally, companies should determine the core technology of their choice, which usually begins with either Software, Platform or Infrastructure as a Service, Linthicum said. Furthermore, this is where IT managers decide if they want the public, private or hybrid model.

According to a study by CA Technologies, roughly 69 percent of business leaders expect to spend more on the cloud in 2012 than they did in previous years. This is due to the increased awareness of the benefits the cloud can bring an organization.

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