Leveraging the cloud in preparation for big data

The advent of big data has become an inevitable project for many businesses, as decision-makers leverage new technologies that gain more insight into consumer behavior. By implementing a cloud strategy, companies may be able to be more prepared to handle the emergence of massive volumes of information, according to a report by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Managing data growth can be a challenge without the right tools. Fortunately, cloud storage is very scalable and flexible, allowing organizations to withhold a nearly limitless amount of data off-site, the news source said.

Additionally, cloud-based environments are also extremely available, enabling decision-makers and employees to access mission-critical information and applications virtually anywhere with an internet connection, ABC said. As a result, companies can harness big data around the world, giving them a competitive advantage over rival firms.

According to a separate report by CSO Online, big data and the cloud will continue to be major IT topics in 2012 and allow organizations to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. By leveraging the cloud to prepare for the explosion of information, decision-makers may be able to gain a leg up on competitors.

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