SMB decision-makers should focus on three Cs of cloud computing

Although there is a lot of hype circulating cloud computing, small and medium-sized businesses are sometimes unaware of how they can fully leverage the technology. According to a report by Intermedia, decision-makers need to visualize ways the technology can improve the three Cs of their organization: content, communication and collaboration.

"Leveraging the cloud is a highly efficient and cost effective way for businesses to access technologies and services that are critical to running a successful business in today's global environment," Intermedia president Michael Gold said. "However, it's important for businesses to understand that all clouds are not created equal - SMBs need to make sure their cloud services are business grade."

Many companies are familiar with Gmail and Apple's iCloud, yet these may not always be the most effective service models for growing businesses. By looking at other vendors, decision-makers can expand their knowledge on the technology and find the right solutions for them. During the implementation, first-time cloud users need to focus on security, support and mobility, the report noted.

According to a study by Spiceworks, more SMBs are migrating to the cloud and focusing on web hosting, data backup and storage. As decision-makers become more familiar with the cloud, the adoption rates among SMBs are bound to jump.

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