SMB IT departments may need to negotiate their own SLAs

As Infrastructure as a Service and other cloud service models become more commonly adopted by the private sector, decision-makers need to ensure they are able to negotiate important contracts with vendors. Having the right documents in place is essential to the success of a business, as inefficient arrangements can leave companies stranded and unable to move forward, according to an InfoWorld report.

While large enterprises may have their own legal departments, small and medium-sized businesses might be less fortunate, leaving the negotiating up to IT departments. Decision-makers need to determine the guarantees vendors should provide, the news source said.

Security warranties must be at the top of the list, as businesses have to be assured sensitive data and applications remain safe while in the cluster server. Decision-makers must also ensure vendors provide performance guarantees, as an inefficient service will ripple throughout the company and potentially cause unforeseen damage, InfoWorld noted.

Organizations should be sure they don't reach for unrealistic expectations, as setting the bar too high will only lead to disappointment, InformationWeek reported.

"Be realistic about what you're asking [versus] the reality of what you do or need to do," Forrester Research analyst Liz Herbert said, according to InformationWeek.

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